Milan then homeward bound

Milan turned out to be a feast for the senses as we crammed a lot into our last day before the long haul home

Our hotel was a riot of colour and comfortable in a wacky way

The foyer complete with mermaid

Corridor to our room

We visited a park near the centre. Parco Sempione The largest in Milan with mature trees, a castle and Arch of Peace. A welcome green oasis amongst the bustle of city life

Our culinary treat was Mamma Rosa. Wonderful Italian food and a treat for the senses. Thank you Milan. XXX

Osteria Mamma Rosa · Piazza Cincinnato 4. 20124

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More on Athens

Thinking back to the time in Athens and what a delight the area near our hotel called Kypseli. Kypseli means bee hive in Greek and gives a hint about its thriving, traffic free, cosmopolitan vibe. An old posh residential area that declined in the 70s but has regenerated into a tree lined delight

Photo from Greece is. © Dimitris Vlaikos

We came across a village hall which was hosting a Repair Cafe type event. Shades of Ferryside.

Kipselli hall. Athens

The area also has many Cafés, tavernas and a sumptuous chocolate shop which we visited and enjoyed.

Lots to like in Max Perry Κυψέλη

Max Perry chocolate ball. Enjoyed++

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Patras to Ancona

A journey by coach to Patras as a result of a rearranged trip from Scala. The kindness and concern for our wellbeing exhibited by complete strangers was ever present.

The coach passed through miles of poly tunnels. What happens to all that plastic? Is this the future for a climate warmed Wales ?

We walked round Patra looking for wholesome food and stumbled across The Casserole a homely café serving local food. Briam was our choice. Courgette, potato, tomato roasted in the oven. Herbs added.

The casserole

The choice

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Skala (In the rain)

Tomorrow we set off on our homeward journey. The weather has been a disappointment but it’s the one thing you just can’t control. On the other hand we have walked the hills above Skala and roamed the beach. The variety of flowers has been a wonder as have the wild flower meadows surrounding farms and houses. The fresh grilled sardines, Greek salads, salted anchovies, grilled lamb and best of all the local black olives were all inspirational.

Apologies for the lack of pics we have bandwidth constraints.

View from our apartment
Potato plants in meadow

The ecosystem appears to be in good heart. Nature is co-existing with human activity. Swallows are everywhere. The olive groves are healthy and plentiful. Herbs like thyme, oregano and sage fill the roadside up in the hills

Walking in the hills
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Athens to Kefalonia

Eventful trip. Caught the bus with minutes to spare. Walked to what I thought was the bus station turned out to be 5 miles away! Lovely Albanian taxi driver saw us right. Onto a serene coach journey of 2 hours to Patras. Ferry to Sami in Kefalonia again a smooth journey with wonderful vistas. No coach to Skala so another taxi ride over the hills on empty roads. Arcadia. Katrina’s apartment is basic with views over the beautiful coastal hills and sea. All we need nowadays now is some sun🤞

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Patras and Athens

Two busy days to keep you up to speed with. Sitting in our Athens hotel after a full day. Lucy and Mary went to the mighty Acropolis and the National Garden and I went to the National Archaeological Museum

I loved the statues of Aphrodite, the gold death mask of King Menelaus(?) and Hittite female figurines Also a mosiac floor depicting a Gorgon’s head.

Gorgons head.2nd Century AD

On the way back I passed a university building festooned with banners. Not a clue about their anger but elections are forthcoming!

Managed to walk over 4 miles today. A record. Always on.

Off out to eat now following our visit to a chocolate shop. More to tell!!

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Coming to Greece by sea

It’s mid morning and we have just finished a simple breakfast whilst gazing in awe at the glorious Ionian island chain. Zakynthos, Ithaca, Corfu, Kefalonia, Lefkada, Paxi (or Paxos) and Kythira are the seven largest and most popular islands. We are on our way to Patras then by bus to Athens. The ferry is fine with comfortable cabin and good simple food.

Surprised to be woken up at four in the morning as the ferry stopped at Igoumenitsa. Awake by 9 in time to enjoy the sights

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Paris to Milano

A seven and a half journey that had some learning moments. We got to Gare de Lyon in good time had a coffee and a chat with an Austrian businessman who absolutely loved London. Unfortunately we got on the train with two minutes to spare had nowhere to store luggage so sat by it for the whole journey. We shared our table with a young Italian family who entertained their exhausted 2 year old for the whole trip.

The journey through the Alps was splendid but I fear the snow was not in much evidence. Reminded me of that epic eco film Age of Stupid https:/en.m.wikipedia.org_Age_of_Stupid. That had a clip from a glacier guide ruminating on the devastation caused by Global Heating over 20 years ago.

High in the Alps

Arrived in Milano. Lovely hotel next to the station-Star Hotel. Super friendly and great facilities. Wonderful piza and salad at Il Tavolino, Via Fara, 23- Milano

Time to sleep up early for 7 hr trip to Bari ( not Barry) then overnight Ferry to Patras. Getting warmer

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Croydon to Paris

Knocked out with how clean,quiet and efficient our rail journey into St Pancras was. Public transport can be good. The waiting around in St Pancras was ok with plenty of support available.

The journey on Eurostar again was efficient. Interesting to be sharing our carriage with such a variety of international folk. Arrived on time but queued for over half an hour for a taxi in Paris

The little hotel near Monmatre is cosy with unusually, single beds! We walked up to Sacre Coeur. The view over Paris worth the toil. Lot of milling around in the cold wind. Out for food soon, walked twice my normal max of two miles. All good- Milan tomorrow.

Photo to warm your hearts. Lucy and Mary

Ladies at tea
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On the road again

Shortly setting off for Greece, overland by train.

Got to say I’m excited and only slightly apprehensive. I tend to see problems first and then the thrill of travelling through Europe by train kicks in. Travelling with Lucy and our dear friend Mary. Both are Alexander Technique practitioners and also Human Givens therapists. How lucky am I.

Aiming for a green focus starting with the big events in London this weekend.

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