Carrying on with Coedenblog

New Year resolution time came at the same time as renewing my annual subscription to WordPress for the blog. Having pressed the pay button I have committed to keeping the site going (being a “Cardi” I like to get value for money!) So much to write about not just about Working in a Welsh woodland. Anybody is welcome to contribute to this blog with thoughts or articles – just reply to me

The woodland coop looks like its in “expand” mode with more people joining and hopefully lots more activity. Tell you more once I get permission to share other peoples adventures at the woodland.

I am hopeful that we can create an enlarged pond area in the clay basin that lies at the top of the site this would be a haven for pond creatures and hopefully foster bio diversity throughout. First coppice session next weekend Saturday and Sunday the 16th and 17th January starting at about 10 o’clock

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