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Look round Coedpanteg

Coedpanteg is a 24acre wilderness close to Carmarthen jointly owned by 8 people. Directors of Coedpanteg can grow crops on the land. Lucy and I have an orchard and vegetable beds. The plot adjoins some coppiced woodland. Thought I’d share … Continue reading

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December up North

On the road back home today after a wonderful few days in Manchester. Fascinating to listen to what folk are talking about. Lots of Brexit chat but I sense the possibility is sinking in that it will actually happen and … Continue reading

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Sunny Sunday

Early start today and lots to do. Planting carrots. Two ways, 5metre strips of carrots properly spaced. Nice and easy but expensive! Then planted 6 rows of Berlicum Italian seed. Closely spaced. Room for 6 more rows Finished off the … Continue reading

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Pheasant weather

Alex trapping skills have netted him a surprised pheasant. Not sure what the future holds for the bird but glad to see one of these darned pests trapped. George Monbiot described the uncaring way these birds are reared so as … Continue reading

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Water Butt woe

The reservoir for the water off the hill has leaked at the tap. Time for a quick fix with a thin branch wrapped in plastic. Hope it holds! The hard work next. Edged the garlic (late) and onion patch with … Continue reading

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Good day for planting

Up on the hill for a mornings joy. We planted potatoes and strawberries and weeded our two rhubarb plants. Using bio degradable material for the strawberries. Will it be effective? Hope it keeps the weeds down and aids water retention. … Continue reading

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Marching on

How quickly time passes and resolutions crumble! Just finished another round of coppicing and garden preparation. Thought I should keep you up to speed. We have had a lot of fun coppicing a new section of the woodland. To date we … Continue reading

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Just went out for a walk in the woods close to Ferryside. The bluebells were in abundance and filled the air with their sweet fragrance, leaves appearing on the trees and the birds filling the wood with the joy of … Continue reading

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January 2016 Coppicing

Third week in January and time to get the wellies on and head for the woods.A great turn out and so wonderful to be out there instead of watchng the rain coming down day after day.The Met office tells me that … Continue reading

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