Paris to Milano

A seven and a half journey that had some learning moments. We got to Gare de Lyon in good time had a coffee and a chat with an Austrian businessman who absolutely loved London. Unfortunately we got on the train with two minutes to spare had nowhere to store luggage so sat by it for the whole journey. We shared our table with a young Italian family who entertained their exhausted 2 year old for the whole trip.

The journey through the Alps was splendid but I fear the snow was not in much evidence. Reminded me of that epic eco film Age of Stupid https:/en.m.wikipedia.org_Age_of_Stupid. That had a clip from a glacier guide ruminating on the devastation caused by Global Heating over 20 years ago.

High in the Alps

Arrived in Milano. Lovely hotel next to the station-Star Hotel. Super friendly and great facilities. Wonderful piza and salad at Il Tavolino, Via Fara, 23- Milano

Time to sleep up early for 7 hr trip to Bari ( not Barry) then overnight Ferry to Patras. Getting warmer

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