Look round Coedpanteg

Coedpanteg is a 24acre wilderness close to Carmarthen jointly owned by 8 people. Directors of Coedpanteg can grow crops on the land. Lucy and I have an orchard and vegetable beds. The plot adjoins some coppiced woodland. Thought I’d share some recent pictures before we set off for Croydon today- look out Europe here we come

Orchids and lesser celandine
Badger activity in the orchard

Crab apple tree in early blossom

Recently planted woodland at the top of Mary’s plot. Looking good

Turtle, my pal whilst we stay with Adam and Jane in Croydon.
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1 Response to Look round Coedpanteg

  1. Andy says:

    Lovely photos Mike – good to see the orchids out. Have a great holiday!

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