Sunny Sunday

Early start today and lots to do.

Planting carrots. Two ways, 5metre strips of carrots properly spaced. Nice and easy but expensive!

Then planted 6 rows of Berlicum Italian seed. Closely spaced. Room for 6 more rows

Finished off the runner bean bed, dug over and trenches filled with Merlins Green compost and sheep dung manure. Covered over with bio degrading paper.

I’ll plant through the fabric along the string lines. Lot of fuss but may be worth it.

Andy, Alex and Martin on the hill today. Great to have the company of friends.

Last lap preparing a cabbage patch for Lucy’s plugs. Firm ground with addition of compost and fish, blood and horn. I’d planted a small beech hedge with saplings from our neighbours Geoff and Jenny. Glad to say they are starting to leaf.

Long day but very enjoyable. Early bed methinks

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