Water Butt woe

The reservoir for the water off the hill has leaked at the tap. Time for a quick fix with a thin branch wrapped in plastic. Hope it holds!

The hard work next. Edged the garlic (late) and onion patch with old planks. Anything to keep couch and buttercup at bay.

Last job a good dose of well rotted manure from Steve Shop’s sheep fields. Also bone meal. Ready to plant in a day or two. Did want to plant through my bio fabric but I don’t think it’s robust enough. Time for a trial me thinks.

Alex has done a brilliant job on the track with rain water run offs and consolidating the turning area. Much needed as Tony has the cattle herd back on the hill.

Must go as sun is shining and the call of the wild is strong. X

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2 Responses to Water Butt woe

  1. woodyandy says:

    It’s all looking great Mike!

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