Marching on

How quickly time passes and resolutions crumble! Just finished another round of coppicing and garden preparation. Thought I should keep you up to speed.

We have had a lot of fun coppicing a new section of the woodland. To date we have been cutting mature trees but now we are coppicing previously coppiced wood. The wood is mainly ash and hazel. Long straight and thin.


Coppiced and stacked alongside the path

The work force have been a bit cranky but joyous. Jim is thankfully recovering from his op as is Stuart and Martin has been easing his knees back into working order. Less chain saw scream and more chat and laughter – Way to go.

A few lessons from Martin on how to create faggots from brash -perhaps we can raise some money at ferryside market. Also hazel peas sticks


Peas sticks

The woods and hill side are starting to shake them selves back from dormancy. Young Alfie plunged his hand into our pond to show us the healthy wriggling frog spawn.

Lastly some effort needed on our growing space. We moved the old Garden shed  from home up on to the hillside (Thanks Andy) plus a renovated picnic table.  Murray made this for us over 10 years ago. Great to have a place to make tea, store things and sit out enjoy the wonders of nature . Cue music by Grateful Dead  Sugar magnolia  ” Sweet blossom come on, under the willow, we can have high times if you’ll abide. We can discover the wonders of nature…..”


On the hill -garlic planted





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