Just went out for a walk in the woods close to Ferryside. The bluebells were in abundance and filled the air with their sweet fragrance, leaves appearing on the trees and the birds filling the wood with the joy of Spring.

Then as we walked down to the main road alongside the road that leads into Ferryside by Jed’s Garage a change. The strong smell of slurry everywhere the river usually crystal clear was a dirty brown flecked with brown and white foam.


The crystal clear stream turned slurry brown and stinking

A closer look revealed many dead fish about 9″ long floating listlessly  in the turgid water. Killed by the effluent in the water -such a crying shame.


Killed by slurry release


Jed’s wife June was beside herself with anger. She sensibly had called an officer from Natural resources Wales and he was busy photographing the scene. He had an idea where the outflow had come from and was on his way to follow up.

I recalled reading a post by the environmentalist George Monbiot called STRATEGIC INCOMPETENCE  in a post from November 2015. A cautionary tale following a similar incident which led to no prosecution of the offending farmer. Lets hope Wales does things differently- If you feel able please ring 0800 80 70 60 (24-hour service). The incident location is the small stream opposite Jeds Garage, SA17 5UU. Ask to be kept informed of the outcome and please share this post on social media.

Last thoughts as I walked home. When I can see the direct effect of our impact on the environment it makes me sad and angry but the slow drip drip of changes to  atmospheric carbon dioxide content or other slowly unfolding environmental disasters pass me by. Time to Wake up!

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