Taking the lid off the kiln

Just got back from Coed Panteg. Went down with Lucy, Nicola ,Jim and Dave to open up the kiln and if possible bag up  charcoal.


Open sesame. Looking good!

Charcoal lumpwood

Charcoal lumpwood

Although at first glance it looked good with about 50 % charcoal production on close examination there was a fair bit of unburnt partial charcoal. However we can use these bits in our next burn.

Brown and partial charcoal

Brown and partially burnt  charcoal

Bagging up

Bagging up

I’d spent the day making a charcoal sieving shute with the specified 20mm mesh. It worked ok and we collected a good number of bags due mainly  to the combined skills of Dave, Nicola and Jim. Memo to self- buy effective dust masks.


We stapelled up the filled bags as they are destined for the Ferryside market and the Pont Yates market.

A local, product produced in sustainable woodlands – let’s hear it for Coed Panteg’s charcoal.

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