Mid Summer’s day Charcoal course

Day one of the charcoal course with a fantastic day and a big turnout. Led by Martin and supported by Alex, Mary and Lucy.

Start of the day

Start of the day

New faces and old friends. Dave, Nicola and James from Ferryside. Fanny and her  “woofa” Canadian Johnny. Sarah and Chris, Sue and Andy plus our guests Paul and Helen- Paul of The Zero carbon project helped us with the grant for the course and the kiln.

We fired up two drums of firewood led expertly through the whole process by Martin, everyone involved in splitting wood, sawing wood, firing up and keeping watch. The only hazards we failed to avoid were the pesky horseflies

Both drums smoking

Both drums smoking

Lots of breaks with even time for a chat and a fag to keep the insects at bay. Lucy and Mary on hand with cake, coffee and teas – Lovely!

Fanny and Nicola catching up

Fanny and Nicola catching up

After lunch we stacked the big kiln ready to burn first thing tomorrow. Johnny leapt in and stacked the floor of logs followed by the” fireplace “with paraffin soaked rags, paper and kindling. Then lots of timber stacked all the way up. Good job.

Loading the 6' kiln

Loading the 6′ kiln

Finished off the day with a short tour of the woodland then off home for a shower and a Twmpath with Ratlin Bog. Long day but a good one


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  1. Hannah says:

    Love it in have read it all I have subscribed so I get all of your posts see you soon love Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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