Mound making on a Monday

The wonderful Sam Holt joined us at Coed Panteg to lead the training on creating Growing Mounds or Hugel Beds or…..

Coed Panteg is blessed with an abundance of partially decayed timber, brash, rich soil and a large quantity of green compost from Cwm Environmental. The problem is getting them all together in one spot on a blazingly hot July day. Team 157 volunteered to attend the mound making course and make it happen. Ably supported by Ifor and Wyn from The Prince’s Trust we constructed and learnt.  A large channel is dug out and the stacked timber put in place.

Creating the mound - Step 1

Soil dug and timber in.


Mound stacked with timber

Mound stacked with timber

Chloe and Lucy  at work.

Lucy and Chloe clearing round the hedge

Lucy and Chloe clearing round the hedges

The woods provide a cool sanctuary from the fierce heat. Rather like going into a cathedral on a hot day. Such a lovely feeling.

Taking a break in the woods

Taking a break in the woods

A man that works the whole day long and loves it. Ifor Griffiths.

Ifor takes a break

Ifor takes a breather

We complete the Mound training on Thursday. The timber will be covered with brash, soil, compost and turf. We may even get to plant.

Thanks once again to Tyfu Pobl for putting on this course and to Prince’s Trust for supporting Coed Panteg woodland.



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