Rainy day in the Woods

Team 157 battled on in poor weather to complete the bridge over the stream and to create two large 6ft compost storage bins.

Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders

The bridge has stone piers and a load of stony gravel anchoring it in place. Should be good for a few years.

Pile driving

Pile driving

The compost bins have got their posts driven into place ready for cladding tomorrow. Mountains of earth dug out to create level floors.

Lucy and Chloe's Willow Circle

Lucy and Chloe’s Willow Circle

Lucy’s willow circle has been tied at the willow ends to draw them into a circle shape. Lots of innovative problem solving here!

Lunch Time in the Tent

Lunch Time in the Tent

When the rain came we headed for the tent and lunch. Quite a few cups of tea,Lucy’s cake and even the odd cigarette smoked.

Inspection Time

Inspection Time

At the end of the day Quality Assurance visit by Prince’s Trust. Seemed very impressed with the hard work of the team and the potential of the site.

Good to see you!

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