Welcome to team 157 from The Prince’s Trust and a plug for George Monbiot’s new book

Good news Ifor Griffiths from Prince’s Trust had confirmed that we have a party of young people working with us in July. A 15-week programme to improve levels of confidence and give young people involved new skills”
A packed agenda this time with Hugel mound creation, pond making, path and bridge building and work on our  Forest garden. I am also going to suggest bramble clearing and if Tony is around finishing off the fencing. We have secured green compost from Cwm environmental, it arrived all 10 lovely tons of it (Thanks Dave in Cwm Environmental for supporting the project and to Meurig Bowen for expertly delivering the load to the bottom of the track). Now all we need is some some wood chip for laying down paths. I am hoping that Sam Holt from Riverside market, Cardiff can come along to give some inpu, negotiations are in progress.

Met  team  157 from the Prince’s Trust today. Fantastic bunch of people- keen, motivated and very fit. We toured the whole site and even went up to the top  to see the new woods and look out over Carmarthen Bay. Can’t wait to get started on our projects together. With full permission from the team here is a small video clip by way of introduction:

George Monbiot   Moto “Comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable.” always makes me think . He has just published a book called Feral: searching for enchantment on the frontiers of rewilding which I am keen to read, but his latest post is closer to home. Sheepwrecked How Britain has been shagged by the white plague. It discusses the impact of sheep farming on the Welsh uplands, perverse EU subsidies and a potential for rewilding. Provocative certainly but is he saying something of worth?

I often think back to when Lucy and I joined Coed Panteg and Martin patiently explained the philosophy behind the creation and maintance of the woodland. I think I think I wanted to see a nice tidy woodland with some fine specimen trees certainly not a wilderness. Over the years of watching more closely what goes on in the woodland I have begun to appreciate the function and beauty of fallen trees,rotting woodpiles and the forest floor as essential engines of thriving ecosystems. Thanks Martin.

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