After the party was over…

Great day yesterday. Morning in the woods felling and clearing with Lucy , Stuart and Martin. We probably won’t fell trees after the 1st April so its important to complete by then though of course sectioning, stacking and brash pile work can be finished off subsequently. Put in a three hour shift before the heavens opened and we packed up. Back home by 1 o’clock ready for an afternoon of  six nations rugby. C’mon Wales!!

Wales Rugby ChampionsAfter we had finished jumping up and down at the 30-3 result against England we headed out to a lovely twmpath (Welsh for a hump or tump- a folk dance evening!) in Bancffossfelen, Carmarthenshire organised by Banc Organics a not-for-profit community supported agriculture scheme, operated through Tir Eithin Farm Ltd -( )  This got me thinking about the origins of Coed Panteg Woodland Co-op and its founding members in particular Martin Samphire and his partner Julia as well as Ben, Andi, Cath and others I have not yet met. The Coed Panteg web site  ( ) sets out the original inspiring vision for developing the woodland with pictures and recent posts about activity on the site. This is a treasure trove with listings of the flora, fauna, insects and animals found as well as photos and documents about Coed Panteg.

I also happened upon a You Tube video produced by friends of Lucy who filmed a day with the Prince’s Trust Summer 2012 work party ( ) giving a flavour of the work carried out by a group of lovely young people led by Ifor and Tony of Prince’s Trust. We hope to welcome them back again this summer with a new programme of work and a new group of young people.

The sunshine is calling me out- lots to do. Really pleased to have feedback and comments and any further information

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