Walk up the hill with Jean Napier

We had our good friend Jean Napier  stay with us last week. As you can see from her web site she takes stunning pictures of our wonderful Welsh countryside and its rivers. Jean gave us a copy of her latest book The River Conwy- Source to Sea. Text by Alun John Richards and photography by Jean.  A delight to look over whilst lounging in front of the fire back home. Must pay a visit up North this summer  especially to see the River Lledr mentioned in the book.

We took a quick stroll through the woodland and up the hill to the plantation. The view across the Towy estuary  out over Carmarthen Bay was stunning. Caldey Island and nearby Tenby clearly seen.We have had no rain for over a week now and the effect is evident. The stream overflow is less evident and I’m hopeful we can clear the obstruction in the pipe before too long. The ground itself is easier to walk on and we made our way through wood and grassland without slipping and sliding.

My broken chainsaw has finally been declared dead. I was horrified as I have only used the chain saw for less than 50 hours. After some negotiating Myrddin Machinery came up trumps. They offered me a MS 231 – slightly heavier but more powerful and all at a bargain price. I hope we get on better  together than the now dead 181. Picking up  on  Monday, ready to use next day on the trees already felled by Martin. Happy days



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2 Responses to Walk up the hill with Jean Napier

  1. Casey says:

    Wonderful to read (and this is written without a hint of irony but definitely smiling) how happy a new chainsaw can make you. Lovely!

  2. DELME BOWEN says:

    Great Site! Keep u.p the good Work

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