Stacking wood with Alfie

Back in the woods clearing up after the coppicing weekend. Martin had really worked hard felling trees and us workers have got a bit of catch up to do. My chainsaw broke down for the second time since purchase and is apparently a write off. I hope to convince STIHL that they had already repaired the same fault once under warranty and that they owe me a replacement- as ever Myrddin  Garden Machinery in Carmarthen have been stars.

Lucy, Alfie and me went down today to do some graft. We stacked the ash and willow logs and also piled up some longer timbers for use other than firewood. Alfie worked his socks off and still found time to bounce on the trampoline. Also working to create some woodland paths around our beautiful woodland. Lots to do!

I found time to walk up the top of the hill with Alfie to look at the fencing where the bullocks broke in to our gardens. Thankfully Mr Williams has put new posts in the ground and reattached the old fencing. We may need to add a bit more fencing from our side to be sure it contains the beasts.


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2 Responses to Stacking wood with Alfie

  1. Hannah cuthell says:

    Hi mike and gran me Han I just checked out your blog amazing LOL!!!!
    Xxxxxxxx ❤

    P.S pls can you check out my youtube Chanel to give me more views if you do on the search bar type in crazyhan123 and when you watched it like it if you do and subscribe, can't wait to see you again!!!!!!! Xxxxxxxxx so many hugs and love you work so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mikee2013 says:

      Thanks Han- Your my first comment and very nice too. Did check out your video- maybe you could put up your singing from theatre school?
      Lots of Love. mikee xxx

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